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Verdeurora Bio Farm
Verdeurora Bio Farm

Aloeverio emerges in Fuerteventura as the first brand of natural cosmetics made with aloe vera and BIO olive oil. It was born from the hand of Verdeaurora Bio Farm, the ecological farm headed by the third generation of the Mesa family, dedicated to a project of BIO products and development of rural tourism.

Aloeverio’s pure products and cosmetics are made from natural ingredients, guaranteeing the care of the well-being and health of the people.

It offers a unique line of products thanks to the combination of the active principles of aloe vera and olive oil. The cosmetics are made with aloe vera from Fuerteventura and with the olive oil that year after year is grown on the Verdeaurora farm in a sustainable way.

Aloeverio is committed to ecology and respect for the environment, so the products are not tested on animals and have the ecological certification of the CRAE.

The objective of Aloeverio: “We want to achieve natural solutions with ecological products to improve the quality of life of both people and our environment.”