Thermal Pack

The Thermal Pack is composed of three high quality ecological products that hydrate the skin and produce an anti-aging effect with refinement thanks to its properties that recover the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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Oil 110 natural herbs with Aloe vera & olive oil

Take a few drops in the nose to open the nostrils; breathe the hot water vapor with a few drops of oil, or in a steam dispenser. Warm up and gently massage the temples to soothe headaches. Natural and of daily use for the whole family.

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Deodorant without aluminium with Aloe vera & olive oil

Product without aluminum, which is so harmful to health. It provides care and hygiene thanks to aloe vera and organic olive oil. A natural and ecological alternative.

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Dream-care with Aloe vera & olive oil

Help yourself to better sleep and enjoy a good rest thanks to aromatherapy. Just put the Dream Care inside the pillow case or on the bedside table and relax with the smell of its natural herbs, such as lemon balm (melissa) and lavender.

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The Aloeverio Thermal Pack is made up of three 100% organic products of aloe vera and olive oil that will help you recover health and vitality in your day to day life.

In the pack includes:

  • 1 / unit 110-herbal oil
  • 1 / unit Dream – Care
  • 1 / DEO unit without aluminum
    These three products cool, hydrate and relax by providing well-being in your body.* The sum of the products purchased separately, has an original price of € 44, but buying the Thermal Pack, the price is € 39.50


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