Facial Pack

The Facial Pack contains three ecological facial products composed of aloe vera and olive oil that, with a joint use, favor cell growth and regenerate skin tissues.

Anti-aging gel with Aloe vera & olive oil

Anti wrinkle gel with tensor effect, fast absorption and non-greasy texture. Ideal against the signs of aging and oxidation. Formulated with olive oil and aloe vera from organic production.

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Eye Contour + Serum with Aloe vera & olive oil

Ideal for delicate facial face and especially sensitive skin. The properties of olive oil and aloe vera bio make the facial areas more prone to aging and redness remain hydrated, toned and protected; in turn counteract the signs of fatigue.

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Global cream with Aloe vera & olive oil

Facial cream with 3 in 1 formula: suitable as day cream, night cream and eye contour. Its composition of aloe vera, olive oil, hibiscus, wheat germ, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and argan oil makes it act from the inside of the skin. All of organic farming.

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The Facial Pack consists of three ecological facial products suitable for all skin types. They have nutritious, regenerating and soothing assets providing complete care.

The pack includes:

* The sum of the products purchased separately, has an original price of € 120. If you buy the Facial Pack, the price is € 105.


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