How to relieve gastric reflux with aloe vera juice?

Do you finish eating and feel burning? Most likely, you will suffer from gastric reflux. There are many people who go to the doctor in search of the final solution to end these annoying symptoms. The recurrent intake of medication damages the stomach making us resort to taking other medicines to alleviate this new condition.

If you have gastric reflux and you are looking for a natural remedy to end it, at Verdeaurora Bio Farm we have the solution.

You will only need one of our star ingredients, a penny of aloe vera or organic aloe vera juice that you can find bottled in our store.

You can eat it directly or prepare some fruit juices that will also increase the properties and benefits of aloe vera.

Aloe vera, water and honey

For this first drink you will need:

– Four tablespoons of aloe vera

– A glass of water

– A spoonful of honey

If you choose to use an aloe vera stalk, you should extract its juice. Be careful when peeling it since you only have to stay with the pulp of the plant. If you do not do it correctly, it can cause stomachaches.

Once you have the juice or the pulp, put it in the blender and add the glass of water and the spoonful of honey. Beat everything until there is a liquid texture. Before each meal take a small glass, as it is not good to abuse aloe vera for its laxative effects.

Strawberry and aloe vera juice

The strawberry is rich in vitamin C, contains potassium, magnesium and fiber, among other properties. It helps eliminate fluid retention, is purifying, antioxidant and reduces cholesterol. All these benefits will be greater if we add aloe vera juice to our strawberry juice.


– 10 strawberries

Aloe vera juice

Clean the strawberries and cut them into small pieces. Insert them in a blender and add a splash of aloe vera juice or three tablespoons of aloe vera juice freshly extracted from the penca. Mix until everything is integrated. If the juice is too thick you can add a glass of water to drink it more easily.

Prepare a glass with ice, pour the mixture and you would be ready to drink.

Apple juice and aloe vera

Another fruit that marries perfectly with aloe vera is the apple. It helps constipation and diarrhea, reduces bad cholesterol, eliminates toxins and contains vitamins C and E. These are just some of the thousands of properties that apples bring to our body. If we add, in addition, some aloe vera juice, our body will be healthy like an apple, sticking to the saying, for much longer.


– An Apple

– Juice or pulp of aloe vera

Wash and cut the apple. Pour it into the blender and add a splash of aloe vera juice or three tablespoons of aloe pulp if you decide to use a penca. Limit until everything is mixed without lumps. Like the previous juice, if it was thick, you can add a glass of water.

Pour the mixture into a glass with ice cubes and drink!

Remember to drink any of these drinks 20 minutes before each meal. This way it will help you reduce gastric reflux. In addition, you should be careful with the intake of aloe vera since it can have side effects that can cause stomach pains or act as a laxative.

Keep in mind that these juices are not medicines and although they help to feel better, they may not alleviate reflux. If you try any of these recipes and you continue to feel discomfort and pain, do not hesitate to see your doctor.

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