Aloe vera juice: its incredible properties

Aloe vera is a miraculous plant. We have already commented on many occasions but they will never be enough. Its properties can not be counted on the fingers of one hand and is that it serves to cure any evil. We have talked about the use of aloe in cosmetics or in the kitchen and today we discover a new use: aloe vera juice.

Take 20 ml. of aloe vera juice fasting improves the health of our body. By acting their properties and benefits from within our body, they penetrate more easily into the organs, thus benefiting more directly from the vitamins and properties that aloe vera possesses.

No part of the body gets rid of its benefits, and is able to act and provide each of them with the necessary nutrients.


It is increasingly common to see creams, cleansers or masks with aloe vera extract. However, the intake of aloe vera juice improves the health of the skin. Not only does it from the inside but vitamins act on the outside. Aloe Vera is rich in water, so hydration is one of its main properties. Keeping the body hydrated is synonymous with having a glowing skin and free of acne or imperfections.

In addition to improving psoriasis and dermatitis, aloe vera helps in the production of collagen, so the eternal youth of the skin is assured.

Digestive system

The hydration provided by the intake of aloe vera juice not only benefits the skin but also the digestive system. By keeping the intestine hydrated constipation is reduced. If you suffer from this ailment, incorporate the fasting aloe vera juice into your morning routine, you will notice the results in a very short time.

In addition, aloe vera strengthens the organs of the digestive system avoiding the formation of ulcers. Improves digestion, eliminates toxins and helps in the production of bacterial flora. It also prevents acidity and thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, prevents and improves the symptoms of stomach or digestive diseases such as colitis or irritable bowel.

Immune system

Drink about 20 ml. of aloe vera juice prevents diseases and strengthens the defenses that protect the body from external agents such as bacteria or viruses. This is thanks to the fact that aloe helps in the production of macrophages, the agents that defend us from possible diseases.

Circulatory system

Aloe vera is one of the most natural solutions to avoid and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Maintaining good blood circulation helps the body and organs function properly thus having a good quality of life.

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C and E contain vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, potassium or magnesium that help the proper functioning of the circulatory system and therefore the rest of organs or systems that are part of the human body.

Oral health

Teeth and gums also benefit from the properties of aloe vera. Drinking aloe vera juice every day prevents excessive production of tartar, bleeding gums and inflammation. In addition, containing calcium strengthens the teeth. Aloe helps in the healing of sores or canker sores produced in the mouth by infections.

Its properties are innumerable and these are just some of them. Knowing all its benefits there are no excuses for aloe vera juice to be part of your daily routine.

Its preparation is very simple, since you only need to extract the juice of some aloe vera leaves, and if you want more liquid, add water. However, you should be careful when preparing it, since you must eliminate the aloin that contains the juice of aloe. This substance causes upset stomach.

To prevent ailments, the simplest thing is to buy it elaborated, always ensuring that the product you buy is 100% organic and that it contains all the properties that aloe vera provides, since in many occasions, they mix this crop with other ingredients and lose their essences .

In Verdeaurora Bio Farm you can find aloe vera juice made with 100% organic crops. You will enjoy the natural essence and will provide your body with the best nutrients!

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